NYS Science Education Consortium Briefed on the Age of Educational Information

On Friday March 1st at Clarkson University in Schenectady, NY, ACASE Directors Monica De Tuya and Paul Zachos presented their talk Moving Forward to the Age of Educational Information at the bi-monthly New York State Science Education Consortium’s Progressive Dialogue on P-16 Science Education. The Consortium, co-facilitated by Bruce Tulloch, is composed of leaders from the professional science education community. This was the first public presentation of ACASE findings concerning two major threats to the quality and usefulness of educational information — mis aggregation and ambiguity in levels of attainment. De Tuya and Zachos demonstrated how these would have an adverse effect on the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and the new New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards. The presentation included a solution to these problems that could be developed and implemented directly by New York State science teachers working in their own schools, enabling them to produce valid and reliable information on learning outcomes that would be practical and useful at all levels of educational institutions in the state.