From Values to Valued Outcomes: Assessing students’ attainments in writing

How do we best assess a student’s attainments in writing? The Association for the Cooperative Advancement of Science and Education (ACASE) provides a framework that enhances educational program quality in the full sequence from Values to Valued outcomes – from the design of learning goals to the refinement of educational activities through collaborative evaluation. ┬áJill Cowburn, Journalism teacher in Saratoga Springs High School, and SMARTACUS Publisher Dan Forbush are applying this framework to mine the critical information that will be most helpful in supporting the progress of their students in becoming skilled and creative writers. ┬áRead more about this exciting educational project here

The criteria for judging students’ attainment on the learning goal ‘Hook’, or how well their articles invite readers into the story
A snapshot of students’ attainments of this same learning goal, ‘Hook’