Assessment Tools

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ACASE performance assessments are designed to support the attainment of higher order thinking capabilities. They focus on capabilities that are aligned with both state and national standards in math, science, and technology and have practical value for the real world. Currently, we make available the following Activities:

Cubes & Liquids

Students immerse a series of cubes in various liquids, with unexpected results. They are required to make careful observations and reasoned predictions.

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Sun & Shadows

Students observe the position of the sun and the casting of shadows over the course of the school year, making observations and predictions about the sun’s properties.

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In order to construct Assessment Activities, we take broad statements of standards and transform them into learning goals that are practical for planning, evaluating, and improving instruction on a daily and weekly basis. These fundamental units are called operational learning goals. Operational learning goals make formative assessment practical. They also provide a unit of information that can be easily aggregated and disaggregated to provide data for resource allocation and accountability at student, class, school, district, and state levels.

About ACASE Assessment Activities