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ACASE Publications

Zachos, Paul & Doane, William E. J. 2017
Knowing the Learner

Zachos, Paul & Meissner, Monica 2014
Why Common Core Will Fail

Zachos, Paul 2014
The Theory of Worthy Accomplishments

Zachos, Paul 2013
The Event & The Global Event College.  Being Human, Winter issue 2013.

Archibold, Judith; Campana, John & Zachos, Paul 2012 
Kepler Exoplanet Voyage for High School Students

Bacon, Leonard & Zachos, Paul 2012 
Using Astrobiology to Support Instruction in Earth Science.  The Science Teachers Bulletin, Spring 2012, Volume 75, Number 2, 5-14

Zachos, Paul & Kenan, Seyfi 2011
The Lasting Contribution of Piaget and Inhelder to a Science of Education.

Zachos, Paul 2010
Where will standards based grading take us?

Zachos, Paul & Pruzek, Robert 2008
A Constructive Role for the Federal Government in Education: New Directions for Policy and Practice.

Zachos, Paul 2007
From Standards to Valued Learning Outcomes: The need for a new unit of information in standards based educational reform. To obtain the latest version of this document, please contact Paul Zachos.

Doane, William E. J. Rice, Rebekah R. & Zachos, Paul 2006
Knowing When You Don’t Know: Supporting teaching and learning using a new generation of tests. The Science Teacher, vol. 73 no. 4, 46-49, National Science Teachers Association, Arlington, Virginia. To obtain a printed copy of the article please contact Paul Zachos.

Zachos, Paul 2005
Equity and Assessment. The Science Teachers Bulletin, Fall 2005, Volume 69, Number 1, 12-16

Rice, Rebekah R, Zachos, Paul, Burgin, Jennifer & Doane, William E. J. 2005
In the Beginning, There Were Sun and Shadows: Using Stories in Science Teaching presented the at the Eighth Conference of the International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group (IHPST) Leeds, England, July 2005

Zachos, Paul 2004
Discovering the True Nature of Educational Assessment. Research Bulletin, 9(2), 7-12. The Research Institute for Waldorf Education.

Zachos, Paul 2004
Pendulum phenomena and the assessment of scientific inquiry capabilities. In M. Matthews, C. Gauld and A. Stinner (Eds.) The Pendulum: Scientific, Historical, Philosophical & Educational Perspectives, 349-362. Springer, Dordrecht. Also published in Science and Education, 13, 743-756, 2004. – Hard copies of the paper are available, please contact Paul Zachos.

Zachos, Paul 2004
A New Direction for Regents Examinations in Science Education. Perspectives on Science Education. January, 3-5. New York State Science Education Leadership Association.

Zachos, Paul, Robert L. Pruzek, & Thomas L. Hick 2003
Approaching Error in Science and Science Education. Seventh Annual IHPST Conference Proceedings, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Zachos, Paul, Thomas L. Hick, William E. J. Doane, & Cynthia Sargent 2000
Setting theoretical and empirical foundations for assessing scientific inquiry and discovery in educational programs. The Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 37(9), 938-962. – Hard copies of the paper are available, please contact Paul Zachos. Full documentation of the research protocols is accessible here.

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