UAlbany MBA Students Present Initial Findings for AIS Discovery Project

UAlbany students in Dr. Eliot Rich’s MBA class, Systems Analysis and Design, have been working diligently on their real-life case study project: the opportunities and challenges of bringing ACASE’s Assessment Information System (AIS) into the 21st century and positioning it as part of a viable business opportunity. The students have spent the last few weeks gathering information about the hopes and challenges associated with ACASE’s Assessment Information System (AIS). They have reviewed ACASE documents, explored the system online, and conducted multiple interviews with ACASE staff, local teachers, and people from industry. Finally, they had the opportunity to present their initial findings to ACASE staff Paul Zachos and Monica De Tuya; and ACASE consultant Anne Savage during class on March 5th 2019. The students had the further opportunity to speak with Anne about the inner workings of the system. We can’t wait to continue supporting the students’ work and look forward to their recommendations for enhancing our system and growing our opportunities to deliver value to the K-12 education and training worlds!