Educational information is About to Change

Paul Zachos & Monica De Tuya will be presenting at the DATAG 2018 Conference Thursday July 12th. Read all about their talk below!

The educational measurement community is working to develop theory and methods for assessment and evaluation that will be more relevant to classroom teaching. Recent breakthroughs have led to the identification of a critical unit of educational data that can accomplish this purpose — the practical learning outcome (PLO). The PLO is a natural unit of thinking and action for standards-based education. It supports the realization
 of standards at the performance indicator level, the critical level of specificity for planning, evaluating and refining instruction. The PLO permits meaningful and efficient aggregation of educational data from individual students, through school and school district, to state and national levels. It also provides a basis for replacing the traditional psychometric interpretations of validity and reliability with purely educational counterparts. The session opens with a report on a STEM based performance assessment that shows how conventional testing and grading differ from educational assessment and evaluation. It concludes with a demonstration of an information technology that provides teachers with precisely the information needed to support practical every day decision-making.