June 2009

Workshop on the Philosophy of Freedom for Educators.

This workshop was offered by Lezlie Dana and Paul Zachos of ACASE

6th Annual Alternative Education Resource Organization Conference
June 25th-28th, 2009


More than 100 years ago (and a quarter of a century before initiating Waldorf Education), Rudolf Steiner waged an epic struggle against philosophies and ideologies that would limit human knowledge and freedom. He charted his path to attaining freedom, moral imagination and love in the book titled The Philosophy of Freedom. This struggle continues today in the field of education against those forces that would circumscribe human aspirations within cultural and biological limits.

The philosophy of freedom is a way for individuals to gain knowledge through their own activity and for communities to grow in a spirit of freedom. The workshop explored the use of conversation as a tool for supporting each other as free and responsible beings in an educational environment.