Dynamic Assessment and Evaluation for Training Environments – New Course Offering

What skills do my trainees most need? How do I know when they have been attained?  How can I demonstrate the added value of training outcomes to productivity? How can I find and share evidence of their learning? And, most critically, how do I find the time to do all this?

EA&E Online is a professional development opportunity for trainers as well as educators in conventional and non-traditional learning environments.  Participants in EA&E develop clear and powerful answers to these questions. Attending these workshops will allow trainers to collaborate, build community, and discover how educational assessment and evaluation can be a positive force to improve training and organizational outcomes. This will be accomplished by creating, implementing and refining training goals, assessments, and training activities.

Trainers in any industry will leave EA&E Online equipped with practical knowledge, skills, and dispositions and the actual experience of conducting educational assessment and evaluation with the support of and feedback from peers. They will learn the requirements of efficient training; witness the power of valid, reliable, and engagingeducational assessments; and gain confidence using efficient ways to report learning to all interested stakeholders. The community developed during this course will provide ongoing support and inspiration through multiple virtual and in-person venues as we work together using educational assessment and evaluation to transform training.

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