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Field Tested Assessment Tools feature:

  • Operational Learning Goals aligned to State and National standards
  • Efficient to administer and score
  • Reliable rating procedures
  • The support of the ACASE online information system
  • Certification in administering, rating, and creating assessments that support attainment of high level learning goals.

Materials to support the use of ACASE Assessment Tools can be special ordered from ACASE.

The ACASE Online Assessment Information System (AIS) features:

  • A variety of data entry methods that accord with personal teaching styles
  • Rapid turn around time for analyses of results (near real time)
  • Reports that are easy to interpret and use for practical educational decision making
  • Easy movement back and forth from reports on students, classes, target groups (E.G. NCLB categories), special instructional groups, schools and larger systems.
  • Model assessment activities supported by professional development
  • The capability to build new learning goals and assessment activites
  • Simple, practical ways to assess reliability of judgements of student performance
  • A permanent bank of information on student performance that is available in near real time for lesson planning and school district decision making.

Design and Consulting

We develop practical systems that teachers and educational policy makers can use to create educational settings where all students can achieve their potential. Our special contribution is designing rigorous ways to see whether students are attaining high level educational goals. We believe that our approach to solving educational problems is both unique and needed. The following are some of the services we provide:

Materials and Systems Development

  • Developing practical and operational learning goals for educational programs
  • Developing performance assessment instruments for schools, school districts and state education agencies
  • Designing and constructing materials for assessment and instruction.

Services to Educational Agencies

  • Designing evaluations for educational programs
  • Conducting evaluations of educational programs
  • Developing performance assessments for state tests
  • Determining reliability of assessment instruments.

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