Our Work

ACASE: Our Work

At ACASE our work includes research, writing, and developing presentations; professional development and consulting for the educational and scientific communities; and creating tools uniquely designed to address the problems we see with traditional testing and assessment systems.

ACASE Assessment Tools

Our unique performance Assessment Activities support the teaching of scientific inquiry and discovery. They focus on capabilities that are aligned with both state and national standards in math, science, and technology and have value for practical life activities.
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AIS Information System

ACASE has developed action-research tools that teachers can use to find out if students are able to apply what they have learned when they face real-life problems. AIS–the ACASE Assessment Information System–helps teachers monitor student progress in achieving learning goals over time. Read more

Development Services

Professional Development Services. Consulting & Design. Unique Products for the Educational & Research Communities.
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Public Policy Work

Our work shows that the destructive testing practices which dominate our schools are an impediment to creative education and work against the attainment of higher level learning goals.  The papers and presentations introduced on this site are intended as a contribution to changes in public policy regarding assessment and testing.
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Conversations in Science & Education

A series of presentations and discussions with scientists, teachers, and the interested public intended to foster dialogues in science, mathematics, technology, and education.
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ACASE Presentations & Publications

An Alternative Approach to State Examinations in Science Education. ACASE presentation by Paul Zachos and William Doane, given at the 109th annual meeting of the Science Teachers Association of New York State.

On this site we have archived papers representing the work of ACASE as well as the work of scholars Robert Pruzek and Mauritz Johnson. Click here for complete list.