Special Features of Chrono

The Chronicles of Learning (Chrono) system supports the development of Higher Order Cognitive Capabilities:

  • Core capabilities and concepts for success in secondary school math, science, and technology.
  • Competence in critical thinking.
  • Competence in scientific investigation of natural phenomena.
  • The ability to discover scientific concepts.

The Chrono system features include:

  • Assessment activities that:
    • Are based on interaction with natural phenomena.
    • Give teachers insight into how students are thinking when they solve problems or learn new concepts, rather than information on how well students memorize and recall.
    • Reveal whether students can apply what they have learned in school to practical situations and problems.
  • Operational learning goals for scientific inquiry and discovery of scientific concepts, written at a level appropriate for planning lessons and units.
  • Learning goals which are aligned with New York State Standards.
  • Rating scales which specify levels of competence for each learning goal.
  • An online information system which permits teachers to monitor student progress across the secondary school career.
  • Reports of attainment on each learning goal for individual students and classes.
  • Reports which provide the information teachers need to plan and improve instruction based on the level of student competence.
  • Professional development opportunities related to the following capabilities:
    • The administration of assessment tools
    • Reliably rating student performance
    • The use of the online information system to support student attainment

Please more information please email Paul Zachos at paz@acase.org.