June 30, 2007

Starting in July of 2007, Version 2 of the ACASE Assessment Information System (AIS) will be operational

*Version 2* will be bringing a number of new features, including:

Reports can now aggregate and disaggregate data using categories
that you select. For example, you can graphically compare performance
of girls to boys in a particular grade on a series of learning goals.

You can now add and modify these grouping categories and make those
changes at the district, school or individual teacher level. So if
your district wants to compare students who are bus riders vs. those
who walk to school, you can. If a teacher wants to compare performance
of students who’ve received particular instructional methods, you can
do that too.

Individual settings for districts and schools – for example, class
types and terms can now all be individualized for the district or
school, instead of shared by all system users.

District and school staff can now create teacher accounts with no
need to contact ACASE for help in this routine task.

Teachers can now label assessments by type, such as “pretest” or
“post test”, making cross classroom comparisons much easier.

School staff can reduce teachers’ workload by creating classes, and
generating assessments for teachers.

*Version 2.5*, due out this Fall, will also add the ability for
teachers to create their own learning goals and assessment activities.

Please contact Paul Zachos if you would like a tour of the new system.