Internal Notes

this is an unpublished page used to keep notes on custom wordpress additions


as of August 14, 2017, the site has a secure connection. As a result the new url is

custom css

subHeads = Bold Blue type ... used to separate sections that don't require banner dividers
.subHeadings {
	font-weight: bold;
	color: #003366;

mainHeads = Bold Gray Type ... used as a main page header
.mainHeads {
	font-weight: bold;

banner heads = gray banners with bold white type ... used as major dividers on a page
.bannerHeads {
	font-weight: bold;
	background-color: #8b8b8b;
	padding-top: 5px;
	padding-bottom: 5px;
	font-size: 130%;
	color: #FFFFFF;


Adding a page to a menu

appearance / menus plus

select category from dropdown menu on right

then hit page from navbar and select new page from downdown menu

hit add, and the page will added for public view.


adding a custom righthand sidebar menu

determine which page is going to be the main (or parent) page

when creating the rest of the pages, select the main page as the parent under page attributes on the right hand side of the “new” or “edit” page form.

then go to appearance / widgets and drag “Section” to the Right Sidebar

add a title for the Menu

click on the “Pages” tab and select parent page and it’s children

In the second window pane, add the coding for the menu

hit save, and the new menu will only appear on the designated pages



slideshow on home page

to add a new photo to the hybrid slide show, go to Plugins / Hybrid Slideshow/ Edit

and search for // Frontend slideshow header output and follow the instructions