Additional Assessment Packages

Early on in our work with teachers and schools we descovered that the nature of the assessment that is used to evaluate and eductaional program shapes the curriculum and instruction of that program. For this reason we have devoted much of our attention to developing assessment activities that support inquiry based and the attainment of higher order student capabilities. A number of our fully developed assessment activites have been field tested and are available for use in conjunction with professional development services. The following are in various stages of development and testing.

  • Equilibrium on the Balance Beam: Proportional reasoning
  • Galileo’s Thermometer: Observations and inferences related to floating and sinking
  • The Period of the Pendulum I: Observation and error
  • The Period of the Pendulum II: Data analysis
  • The Period of the Pendulum III: Experimental design
  • Evaluating student presentations in high school research programs
  • Interpretive discussions of literature

If you are interested in being part of the development and testing of these assessment activites, or have any other questions please email Paul Zachos at